What Are The Ascendants In The Zodiac?

Each of the signs that the Zodiac has are the general representations of the personalities of people who are born in a determined period if the year, which has influence over them.

The Ascendants In The Zodiac

But, besides managing all this signs and relations with the stars, there is a very important element to know the personality of person and this is the ascendant.

But, what are the ascendants and why are they used for?

What Are The Ascendants?

The ascendants are elements that are related with the signs and that allow us to know more features and characteristics of a person. Usually, we manage the solar signs but to be able to know much better each of the signs, the best is to do is also to know the ascendants.

To know them, it is necessary to take into account the moth, the date, the day and the time of birth. In this way, we can know the sign that was place in a horizontal area in the same exact moment that we came to life; and, in this way, we can know the main important aspects of the personality of the person.

Why Knowing The Ascendant?

If you are interested in the issue of the ascendants, it is necessary for you to know some of the reasons for which you need to look for yours.

For example, you need to know that when knowing your ascendant, you can also recognize the kind of energy that you have.

Besides, you can also know deeper the ways in which the person acts in life.

Finally, you need to know that amongst these ascendants, there are the elements as the fire, which has an amazing energy. There is also the element of air, which manages an intellectual energy; there is also the element of earth that manages the realism and the determination; and, there is the element of water, which is reined by sensibility.

At the same time, there are ascendants of other signs which you can easily know.