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¿How Is The Tarot Deck Divided And How Does It Work?

If you want to know how the tarot works, well this article will explain in simple ways, the divisions presented in each deck and what those they really mean, in order for you to start developing a tarot Reading according to the card decided by the person who wants to know about the future, which could be you or anyone else.

Cards division and what they really meanttarot

When we are going to read the cards, let’s take in mind there are several ways to do it, first, by choosing the tarot you desire, because the iconography could change between decks, also, you desire if you want to have the deck as something that is telling you how to accomplished something every specific in mind or just, transferring your energy. At this point, you have to place them in order, from the fool to the world and from the ace to the king, in order for them to be an extension of your energy. Sigue leyendo