New Moon of Virgo in Aries

New Moons usually mean new beginnings and they establish the perfect energy to ask for wishes and to give all from us to be able to achieve them. Your sign has an entrepreneur nature and the new Moon in Virgo on the 25th August marks the path to the establishment of projects and the changes that you were asking. This New Moon offers you a lot of information to understand much better the Aries horoscope for today.


This period focus in the need to stablish new paths related with your food and your lifestyle; the way in which you manage and organize your routines.

This New Moon will make you compromise very deep with your wishes and your needs. You will be able to look inside and find the answers you are looking for.

At the same time, Mart which is your reining planet is in conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio and this will generate tension and stablish the need for a better sense of compromise. It is more when it comes to issues with the partner and children and in the ways in which you manage your joined account with your husband or partner.

Another astrological aspect to take into account is the relation of Mart with Venus in Leo. When we talk about these relations, we talk about the energy of tension. It is important to cease from time to time to evolve in an issue that will be solved by September.

To sum up, for Aries people, it is a good time for:

–          Improve your diet

–          Go to the doctor

–          Abandon bad habits

–          Make more physical activity

–          Listen and attend the needs of your body

–          Stablish new orders

–          Be conscious of the necessary changes

–          Improve and increase your work productivity

–          Making manual activities

–          Reasoning in a different way

–          Focus yourself

A lot of times, you can find yourself jumping from a project to another because of the difficulty that Mart offers you when it comes to offer continuity to projects. The energy of this planet is always looking for new feelings that offer your body adrenaline and, thus, being hard to keep on with routines. The New Moon in Virgo offers you the opportunity to organize yourself without abandoning your free spirit.