Choose and consecrate your Tarot deck

The tarot is an oracle rich in mystical and visual content that invites us to exercise the muscle of intuition. Although each of the cards of the Tarot has a general meaning, the intuition of the person who is reading, interpreting them and putting them into the context of the surrounding cards, can shed much deeper and extensive meanings.

Due to this visual stimulation provided by the Tarot, it is important that, when choosing a deck, it is visually appealing to us; its illustrations have to be nice to us, so we can achieve a more authentic bond with it; this will consequently allows us a pleasant and interesting reading.


It is very recommendable that the only person who has contact with the deck is you; in this way, cards will get impregnated with your energy every time you use it and you will avoid that other people’s energies interfere with yours. Also, it is really good if you sleep with your deck under your pillow.  



On a purple cardboard, the color of intuition, you have to draw a pentagram (five-pointed star with a circle around it) and place each of the points of the star a white candle and place your deck of cards in the center of it.

Light each one of the candles in the direction of the clockwise and sit in a chair in front of the altar, in a relaxed position, between a meditation state where you can visualize a violet light that comes from the ground into your feet and then it moves through your body slowly.

Then, you need to say: “Dear Universe, enshrines this Tarot deck and let me unveil the future through it; give me the mental clarity and the intuition needed to interpret their messages and, thus, exerting a mystical and spiritual communication with this oracle, committing myself to interpret it with complete honesty”.

Let the candles get consumed and wrap your deck with a cloth of your favorite color, which you will always need to use to save them in. It is recommendable to keep the Tarot deck into a wooden box.