Health of the people of zodiac: Taurus

Taurus is one of the strongest signs of the Zodiac but this does not means that it does not have some weak points in its health. This point is found in the area of the neck and the throat and it is because of this that they usually suffer illnesses as for example thyroid disorders, infections or even vocal cord swelling in the tonsils.  


Besides these problems, they are usually suffering from  colds, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and flaws in defense system of the body.

Advices for Taurus

If a Taurus wants to help their health, it is necessary for this person to take some advices as the following ones:

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What are the horoscopes?

Usually, we read the horoscopes and we talk about it but there are few people who actually know what the horoscope is and have knowledge of the elements that it integrates.


Now, if you do not know one or the other, I will give you here brief answers but very clear ones about these aspects.

The Horoscope, What is it?

When we talk about the horoscope, we cannot be confused about this tool with the written predictions that we find in different places. Now, while it is true that these predictions are related to the horoscopes, there are not the same and less are the sings but are graphic representations.

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Stay Under the Protection of the Stars

Usually, people can ask themselves which is really the scope of the astrology, which is the objective that the Zodiac accomplishes and if we can really trust in the horoscopes. But who truly benefit from this practice know that, once we can be friends and comprehend the logic of astrology, all the predictions and the tendencies are completely accomplished.


Do you know, then, the benefit of the astrologic science and the horoscope ones? Simply, they help us to live better. We can get out from home knowing with what we will have to face and what we will find in our day. We will be able to know our stronger points and be confident in all the situations in which we find ourselves. Horoscopes are good Friends of those who learn to interpret them and those who apply what they tell them in their daily life.

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Can Tarot predict the Future?

Cartomancy, the art of interpreting the cards, has existed from ancient times and, together with them, the figure of the clairvoyants or people with the ability to predestine or estimate future data from the reading of the cards has originated. Today, one of the most consulted decks for their interpretation is the Tarot, which was created more than two thousand years ago.


A lot of the amateurs feel curiosity for the Reading of the Tarot and they want to adventure in a Reading in which all the events that the future has ready for them will be discovered. But what these people ignore is that the objective of the Tarot is not the one of predicting the future, but the one to understand the past, analyze the present and evaluate to where the future is moving. The main objective of the Tarot is to put things in perspective for the ones who ask for the reading.

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New Moon in Aries – The Big Cosmic Opening

This past March, 30th, we have the first big opening that proceeds to the energy of the Cardinal Cross and it is that the Moon in its face of New Moon means new beginnings and new openings; it has activated the energy of this cross.


What is the Cardinal Cross? It is a configuration compounded for two opposites and four squares; the signs that work as a home for them are those in the cardinal modality: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. There, we have for main planets that will make such radical changes that anything is going to be as before.

The new Moons take place when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction; that’s to say, both are placed in the same mathematic grade within a sign. If the income is in Aries, as we have said, it offers a while pen to write the story again; this new moon accelerates the hands so they can execute the trace and take action in what is needed to achieve a really important change.

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